September 6, 2023: Comtrain USA (Comtrain), a training organization with a rich history in the telecommunications industry has joined the parent company of SafetyLMS, a top training provider in industries including telecom with a particular focus on tower safety.  Comtrain, a brand synonymous with training in the wireless tower industry, offers courses in tower and safety rescue, rigging, operating capstan hoists and ascenders and more.  With both online and in-person options, Comtrain will now partner with SafetyLMS to enhance training capabilities and curriculum, focusing on delivering a best in industry safety regimen and improving industry safety across telecommunications.

“SafetyLMS is incredibly proud to partner with Comtrain in our mission of keeping North America’s industrial & telecommunications workers safe and productive on the job, and we believe that in working together, we can stay focused on making the wireless tower industry safer than it has ever been,” commented JP Jones, President of SafetyLMS.    

Comtrain adds to an already impressive training portfolio that includes Team-1 Academy that is well known for its authenticity and credibility in Wireless Towers, Safety and Rescue, GWO Certification for the Wind Energy industry, and more.  Customers appreciate the expertise and real-world experience that trainers bring to their courses. “We are excited to pair the telecommunications industry’s most tenured training company with the expert technical capabilities and innovative technology SafetyLMS has established. Joining forces will make the industry a better place. I’m also excited to see Shayne Campbell continue to grow as he assumes responsibility for Comtrain,” remarked Zane Windham, President of Comtrain.

While both companies will continue to operate separately, the leadership and training teams will work to standardize  curriculum, processes, and best practices. A critical component will also include seeking input from key industry stakeholders. The companies will then be able to share one set of best-of-both worlds curriculum and training processes, improving industry safety, quality and consistency. More information can be found online about SafetyLMS at:  and Comtrain at:

About Comtrain USA:

Comtrain is headquartered in Austin, TX and provides training across the United States.  With over 25 years as a respected name in tower safety training, Comtrain focuses on climbing safety, fall protection, rescue, rigging, and technology training for hundreds of companies, government organizations, and all US Armed Forces brands around the globe. Comtrain certifies about 25,000 climbers per year and has graduated over 350,000.  

About SafetyLMS:

SafetyLMS provides training, certifications, and curriculum for a range of industries including wireless towers and construction.  Headquartered in Dallas, TX, SafetyLMS offers training online and across 9 locations in North America including New York, Michigan, Georgia, Texas, Missouri, Colorado, California, and Ontario (Canada).  SafetyLMS prides itself on offering courses taught by instructors with real world, real field experience that is always adapting to the latest standards, regulations, and advancements in safety knowledge.