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Competent Rigging ANSI 10.48

1 day, ANSI 10.48 compliant training designed to ensure students can competently write, read, perform and change rigging plans

By: Safety LMS | Format: In Person | Duration: 1 Day | Certification: 24 Months | Language: English
Last Updated: 06/21/24

What you'll learn

Course covers industry standards, equipment and rigging techniques.

Training designed to ensure students can competently write, read, perform and change rigging plans.


This course details all aspects for the ANSI/ASSP 10.48 Standard and is designed with a specific emphasis on load calculations and construction plans for antenna and line and structural modifications crews. This full-day course is taught in the classroom and is intended for Authorized and Competent Riggers, Qualified Persons or Qualified Engineers.

During Safety LMS/Comtrain’s rigging class, students will cover skills rigging knowledge as well as standards outlined in the ANSI/ASSP 10.48 Standard.

Successful students will meet the criteria to create and follow construction plans as outlined in the standard.


Course topics

  • History of the Regulations & Standards
  • Structural Failures
  • Overview of Rigging Principles
  • Sling Angle Calculations
  • Block Angle Calculations
  • Capstan Hoist Overview
  • Calculating Rigging Loads
  • Different Rigging Plan Scenarios
  • Rigging Plan Development
  • Proper Equipment Selection
  • Exam
Competent Rigging ANSI 10.48
Topics covered:
  • 8hr Classrom based training
  • ANSI 10.48 compliant
  • Taught by instructors with real world experience
  • Ability to run the class at SLMS or customer's facility
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